~ You have reached my frequency & I Am so happy that you are here! ~ Tirzah

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Welcome to a unique path to truth &
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What sets Tirzahs Gift Garden apart,

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Tirzahs Gift Garden is a high frequency

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Where you are safe & free to celebrate the changes in your vibrations & send higher frequencies into the Universe as the real you and not someone that you were told to be

To The Birth of Your True Self

*~As I read & say these words, I am sending vibrations of
my unique & very special frequency into the Universe. I accept
all truths about me, receive complete wellness, clarity and power
& decree that I will live in the center of abundance in peace,
as a light of love & good for eternity ~* 

YourStory is VERY different from what you've been told ~ Seek & find the truth about you!

Who Are You?

~ *You are a light with a very special frequency that is essential to the alignment of the Universe and just like the signal of a radio station, your frequency can be heard throughout the Cosmos ~ Know that you are not your thoughts & only the observer of your thoughts & when you can separate from your thoughts with no ego or mind and observe who you see from the outside, you will know & feel your true essence. This increases your awareness to ascend higher as your true self. May you enjoy each rebirth on your journey of ascension & vibrate higher throughout eternity ~ Tirzah

Your Efforts Are Being Supported By The Universe

From The Womb Of Lemuria With Love, Peace & Divine Oneness

Tirzahs Gift Garden™ is a seaside haven of truth, love & positivity on your journey of ascension. We offer tools of guidance to true awareness in a no judgement, universal community of love & inclusiveness, where you are safe and free to be you. Our unique path to truth & wellness provides a transformational experience of growth and well-being through guided affirmations, meditation techniques, proven scientific research
and verified history of your true existence, nature and power. And with love, we share
our special garden gifts that help you to become better aligned with the Universe along with our high frequency authentic collections of useful products that will elevate and inspire on every realm.

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Always Be Your True Self
~ Tirzah