~ You have reached my frequency & I Am so happy that you are here! ~ Tirzah

Garden Gifts

~ The Gift of Affirmations ~

Start & End Each Day With Positive Affirmations!

It has been scientifically proven that saying & writing down your affirmations daily
will ultimately reprogram your DNA. When you do this, your thought patterns and habits will change and *You begin to elevate higher in gratitude, love and peace in
the way that you think, feel and treat yourself and others! Send your amazing gift of positive affirmations into the Universe everyday from *Your True Self with gratitude, love & unity for better well-being & happier lives!

~ The Gift of Growth ~

Who Are You?

You are a light with a very special frequency that is essential to the alignment of
the universe & just like the signal of a radio station, the vibrations of your frequency
can also be heard throughout the Cosmos. Here in the Garden you will find truth, wellness & self-discovery on a positive path of gratitude & purpose. Know that you
are not your thoughts ~ you are only the observer of your thoughts & when you
can separate from your thoughts with no ego or mind & observe who you see from
the outside, you will realign with your true self to know & feel your true essence ~*

~ The Gift of Peace ~

We Bring You Peace in Love, Truth & Unity for Eternity

May you have peace with the truth about who you are & how you look ~ peace with
all entities, circumstances and situations that are going on in your life today & peace
as you awaken higher and rise above it ~ peace with all that has happened to you in
your past lives of an eternity of yesterdays & peace in forgiving everyone & everything, including yourself ~ peace on your ascension journey & peace with all that will happen to you in the future lives of your wonderful tomorrows for eternity!

~ Our Gift of Service ~

Our Gift of Service To You

Always here to be of service to you with guidance to higher self-awareness as we assist in channeling paths to your truths & scientifically proven knowledge and history as you journey to your true existence, true nature & true power. You are destined for greatness & we are grateful to share this journey of *Oneness in this & all lives in love, peace & unity with you!